We’re hiring!

Are you interested in understanding how our cities will look in 10 years? In 30 years? Do you ever wonder about how climate change, technological progress, and competition for food, energy, and water resources will impact your lives and careers? If so, you should consider applying for an MS or PhD to begin in Fall 2020 working with an interdisciplinary group of researchers at UVa studying climate restoration. Our team, being led by Professor Andres Clarens in Engineering Systems and Environment, is using integrated assessment models, which are the global scale models (think SimCity, but in real life) that are used to understand how the coming decades might look from a global emissions perspective. The model we use informs the negotiations that the United Nations and most governments around engage in. This work helps us answer important research questions such as: can we expect technological fixes to climate change and what are the economic/biophysical consequences of these approaches for people in the United States or in developing countries. All undergraduate STEM majors are eligible and encouraged to apply. Full support (~$25K stipend + health insurance + tuition) is available. Deadline to apply is August 1! To learn more about our lab please visit clarenslab.org or contact Andres directly at andres@virginia.edu